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certificatEnglish has always been an important subject in our school and this is why we offer our children the chance to study it from as early as the first year of kindergarten. They also have the opportunity to study various topics with native speakers and develop their speaking skills.

As far as the external recognition is concerned, we prepare our students for the most important Cambridge Exams for each level.

Thus, in the primary school, our experienced English teachers prepare our students for the PET exam, which is taken every year at the end of the fourth grade, and all of the children registered for this examination manage to pass with outstanding results. For the PET session in May 2019, 38 students were registered and the following results were obtained: 8 certificates with Pass, 11 certificates Pass with Merit, 18 certificates Pass with Distinction and 1 certificate Level A2.

Throughout middle school, our students are prepared for the FCE examination, which is taken annually with great success by our eighth graders. This academic year we registered 23 candidates for the FCE exam in May 2019 and all of the students managed to receive exceptional results: 13 certificates with Grade A, 9 certificates with Grade B and 1 certificate with Grade C.

Moreover, high-school classes are geared towards the CAE and IELTS examinations and the good results obtained at both the CAE and IELTS exam sessions give our students the possibility to enter the best universities in the world. The fact that we offer Cambridge exam preparation to our students has brought us, for the fourth consecutive year, the membership in the Addvantage Programme developed by the British Council. 

The Laude-Reut Educational Complex is also successfully represented by many of our students throughout different national English contests and competitions.This signifies that they are well-prepared and that they possess all the necessary language skills, which are relevant in today's society.

diploma englezaWe would like to congratulate our middle school students for their hard work and wonderful results obtained in the last stage of the Creativity Olympiad: Rares Varjan VIIB – 1st prize, Vlad Namolosanu VIIB – 2nd prize, Cristina Ciornei VII A- 2nd prize, Vlad Spataru VIIA- 3rd prize, Maria Bahna VIII -2nd prize, Tsur Mia VIII- 3rd prize, Ilinca Dumitrescu VIII – 3rd prize.

We also congratulate our high-school students on the wonderful results they received in the English Olympiad at the municipal level: Alexandra Roceanu IXR  - 1st prize, Monica Stancescu XR -1st prize, Claire Raicu XIU-1st prize, Andrei Nitulescu XIR - 1st prize. We want to show our special consideration for Alexandra Roceanu’s outstanding result, as she was awarded second prize in the national stage of the English Olympiad.

All things considered, we can conclude that it has been a fruitful year and we are more than proud of our students’ results, as they are exceeding our expectations each and every time. We are looking forward to our students’ performance next year, and we support them with enthusiasm in developing and improving their skills in English.

Diana Gombos

Head of the English Department